On 12/12 Gay Men “Abstain”

Laila Tov, an Israeli late night TV show, has produced a video that refers to all the latest anti-gay sayings by Israeli rabbis, and giving “Meatless Monday” a different interpretation.

In the funny video, Uriel Yekutiel, Gal Uchovsky, “Holy Wigs” and other familiar faces in the gay community call to “abstain gay sex” on Monday, December 12, in order to see if the rabbis are right, and gay sex is indeed the cause for all the war and the disasters happening in Israel and on earth.

“Because we love our country just as much as the rabbis do, and we’re willing to give them one day without gay sex to find out,” they say in the video.

They call for “Meatless Monday,” which is a take on the idea of going meatless once a week is healthy for the human body and may reduce your risk of chronic preventable conditions like cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and obesity.

According to the news, rabbis and other anti-gay religious leaders claim that the fires that struck the north of Israel recently, the earthquake in Nepal, several terror attacks, the war and outbreaks of (non-sexual) diseases are “punishment to the world because of gay sex.”

Since it was released yesterday, the video has gone viral in the community with thousands of likes and shares, but also caused many angry comments from both the secular and the religious sides, raising the issue of homosexuality vs. religion once more in daily discourse.