Ohad Hitman’s Valentine’s Song

Out Israeli singer Ohad Hitman released his latest single “Nothing is More Important from the Both of Us” (‘Ein Shum Davar Yoter Hashuv Mi’Sneinu’) just before Tu B’Av, the Jewish version of Valentine’s Day. Listen to the song here.

“We are tired of searches / From dreams we did not know / And in a place where there are miracles / is where we find us / There is nothing more important than both of us / we give ourselves to each other / There’s nothing more important than both of us / And there is no other love like this / Like ours/ At the end we laugh / And imitate the nonsense of the other / there are no problems / We have built here a Kingdom for ourselves / and we no longer care about how it looks / or what others think / even when we’re far / The feeling doesn’t change…”