Offer Nissim


Offer Nissim is a famous Israeli producer and DJ who discovered the successful singers Dana International and Maya Siman-Tov. Nissim is not only a world’s gay community top favorite DJ, but also received professional acclaimed as he was ranked #29 at the top 100 best DJ’s in the world according to the popular magazine DJ Mag.

Offer Nissim launched his career somewhere in the middle of the 80′s, when he started play regularly at the Theater Club in Tel Aviv, and later at the “Playroom” in Alenby 58 club, at the beginning of the creation of the ” publicly out” gay scene in Israel. During the 90′s Nissim joined Israeli “king of the Nightlife” Shimon Shirazi, when the latter launched the gay party line “FFF”, which very soon became the community’s most successful party ine to date.

As a producer, Nissim started by forming his own band called “Drama” where he also served the lead singer. He started producing pop songs to then-wel- known artist, but most of his efforts went to working with Dana International, a transsexual entertainer whom he met in one of his parties. Their collaboration started with performing together on stages during parties, doing parodies and mocking famous female singers.

Later on, they have started to concentrate on producing an original material, and when Dana’s first single came out, ‘My name is Not Sa’ida’ (takeoff on a Whitney Huston song ‘My Name is Not Suzan’) with a little help from a radio DJ and friend Ofer Nachshon, the song has become a hit. Dana and Offer signed with the Israeli dance label IMP, and the first album, which was simply called ‘Dana International’ was embraced mostly by the gay community.

Nissim also produced Dana’s second album, and managed to recruit some of Israel’s most successful songwriters to write her songs. This album succeeded to turn Dana from being just a gay community act, and become consensus. The album has gone Platinum sales and Dana was chosen Best Female Vocalist in 1994.

In 1998, Nissim produced the song ‘Diva’ for Dana International, which was chosen to represent Israel at the Eurovision Song Contest and won. The collaboration between the two ended in 2000, due to a personal argument. The years after the breakup, Nissim concentrated more on performing as a DJ and less as a producer.

Starting in 2003, Nissim came back gradually to producing mostly club and House tracks, and was signed by the New York label “Star69″ after producing a few tracks using the beautiful voice of Maya Siman Tov, whom he met in 2003.

In 2005 he released his first album which became a success all over the world, and parallel to his work with producing remixes to the biggest artists in Israel (such as Ivri Lider and Rita), he produced a hit called “Wonder of it All” for the club diva Kristine W, which topped the American Billboard club chart, and also worked with Debra Cocks and Donna Summer.

In 2006 Nissim was asked to produce a remix to Madonna’s song ‘Isaac’ and for that he used a sample of ‘I’m Ninalu’ by the late Ofra Haza. His mixing became an official mixing of the song, which Madonna also used on her tour. Then, by request, he remixed another song from her album, ‘Jump,’ and later on collaborate with Madonna’s team in the songs ‘The Beat Goes On’ from the 2008 album ‘Hard Candy’ and also ‘Girl Gone Wild’ from her 2012 album MDNA.

Nissim was chosen as a warming act for Madonna at her 2012 tour opening in Ramat Gan, Israel. In 2008 he released an album called Happy People, which included remixes to Jennifer Lopez, Shirley Bassey and also a remix to Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller,’ which he made as a tribute to 25 years anniversary of the original release.

In 2010, Nissim released an album called ‘Pride All Over,’ which included collaborations with top Israeli stars, and parallel to that, he released Maya Siman Tov’s second album, which included the hit “Over You” and “Tel Aviv” which was recorded to mark 100 years to Tel Aviv. In addition to USA, Brasil and France, where Nissim was playing regularly, over the past few years he also performed in Mexico, Canada, Australia and Spain, and also closed the official celebrations of the Queen’s Day in Amsterdam. Nissim performed at the official gay pride in 2011 in New York City.




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