Nora Grinberg

NoraGrinberg-Featured-1Nora Grinberg is a former Israel LGBT Task Force Executive Director and one of the most prominent transgender activists in the Israeli LGBT community.

Grinberg is an MTF transgender woman. Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Grinberg immigrated to Israel at a young age, got married and had two kids. Grinberg worked as an executive at a high-tech company, while hiding her gender identity from a homophobic and transphobic society. In her late forties, after many vicissitudes, she went through sex change surgery.

Grinberg’s resume shows extensive public activities for the benefit of the LGBT community in general and for the transgender community in particular.
In 2001-2004 she became a board member at the Israel LGBT Task Force, The Aguda, at first as the transgenders’ representative and then as Chairman of the Aguda, and thus became the world’s first transgender to become an executive director of an LGBT organization.

After her term at the Aguda was over she joined Hoshen, and gave lectures to students, teachers and therapy professionals until her retirement in 2006.
Thanks to her large contribution to society, the Ministry of the Interior in 2004 removed the ban of changing transsexual and transgender people’s names on official identification cards in Israel. Hereafter it will not apply a different gender than their post-surgery gender.

Additionally, Grinberg supports and advises transgender people, especially youth and their families. As part of its consulting work, in 2004 she founded a support group for transgender youth and adolescents . This group is, to date, the only supporting frame for this age group in Israel.

Grinberg was invited by the Ministry of Health to participate as a representative of the transgender community in the discussions of the committee that sets the rules for sex change surgery in Israel.


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