No Development on IGY’s Budget

Contrary to earlier promises of the Minister of Education to increase the budget for Israel Youth Organization, last week the organization was informed that not only will the budget not be increased, but it will be cut by NIS 200,000. This became the most burning issue in the struggle of the LGBT community in Israel.

Hundreds of people demonstrated Thursday at Gan Meir park in Tel Aviv against the budget cuts of IGY.

According to the organization, following the dramatic announcement by the Ministry of Education, it is forced to reduce and close up to a third of its activity. A public fundraising campaign was launched last week in order to raise the missing funds and to help IGY continue its activity.

“There’s no concrete progress with the Ministry of Education,” says co-CEO Mandy Michaeli. “As an organization we have never been in a situation where the continuation of our activities was endangered. We will need all the help and recruitments that we can get in order to get out of this hole.”