New Music: May 2015

As we try to highlight the work of Israeli artists from the LGBT community, we bring you new releases from the past couple of weeks from Harel Skaat, Yael Deckelbaum and Ronit Shachar

Harel Skaat / Tzmarmoret
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harelHarel Skaat has released his first single from his forth studio album, titled “Tzmarmoret” (‘Shiver’), and it’s his bravest single yet. A love song for another man: “I don’t want to say it clearly, that I love / because I don’t want to fight, not now / a second before you fall asleep / I don’t intend to be the bad guy in your dream…”

The song entered the top 10 in the Israeli radio airplay chart a couple of weeks ago and is still in the playlist of the biggest radio stations in the country.

“This song is actually part of the new album I’ve been working on in the last two years with producer Uri Avni,” Harel told Israeli website Ynet. “I keep on going and learning new things about myself, upgrading and fixing, looking at myself with curiosity. I am now working abroad and dealing all the time with this combination of my quintessential DNA: songs with strong melodies composed from uncompromising texts, and newer productions. On the one hand I update in terms of where the pop world is going at the moment. On the other hand, it still remains Israeli. We want and need this Israeli warmth. ”


Yael Deckelbaum / Angel Song
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YaelDeckelbaumAngelSongYael Deckelbaum released ‘Angel Song’, another single from her latest album ‘Enosh.’ The new albums received good critical acclaim in the Israeli media, and Yael, who just came back from a USA tour and will soon fly to another tour in Europe, is stopping in Israel to celebrate the release of her new album.

On May 21st Yael will have a special concert in Jerusalem that will open her mini-Israel tour. In June she plans to throw a huge album release party in Tel Aviv, where she will also perform, and will personally thank all of her fans and supporters who made the album happen through Yael’s Headstart project.

Ronit Shahar / Ahuvati Nahar (album)

RonitShaharAhuvatiNaharSinger Ronit Shahar came out as a lesbian in an interview with Yedioth Ahronot in 2011. Therefore her newest album, “My (Woman) Lover River,” where all of the songs are music that Ronit wrote to the words of famous Israeli lesbian poet Loren Milk, is no surprise.

According to the press release, it all began three years ago, when Loren suggested Ronit write music to two of her songs. Ronit immediately fell in love with Loren’s writing.

“I went into a ‘trip,’” Ronit recalls. “I found myself in a magical world, tough and enchanted. I came out with the music to the two songs and I invited Loren to listen to them. Loren loved them and sent me more songs. I don’t know how it happened, but a channel was open where I started writing music especially for her songs.”

The magical meeting between the two led to this project, “Ahuvati Nahar,” (‘My Woman-Lover River’), a full length album that was first recorded live by Ronit in the studio with her guitar, singing Loren’s words to her own music, and those recordings were sent to Adam Chaplain, who produced the whole album.