New Music, June 2016

Hot new tunes from Israeli LGBT artists: Asaf Averbuch, Ohad Hitman, and the return of Offer Nissim Featuring Dana International.


Ohad Hitman: Be’chol Yom

Ohad Hitman released the song “Be’chol Yom” (‘Every Day’), the first single from his forthcoming new album. The song was written during the pregnancy of his twins Barry and Eva, who were born last year via surrogacy in Nepal. The song’s premise is that ‘every day’ you have a choice to see or not to see the abundance and the little gifts that life brings you. The destiny of a man is to turn his inclinations into a great creation.

Asaf Averbuch and The Rumor: Hineh Ani Ba

Israeli Idol alumnus Asap Averbuch who came out as bisexual earlier this year, just released his debut album, and earlier this month dropped a new single to honor Jerusalem day that took place on Sunday. The song, titled “Hineh Ani Ba” (‘Here I Come’), describes the conflict between the big city that’s full of temptations and where every thing happens fast and
intensely, to the quiet and peaceful home where everything is much more simple. The song was originally recorded by the group Hadag Nachash in 2006 and was written by its band member Guy Mar on his move from Jerusalem to Tel Aviv.

Offer Nissim feturing Dana International : We Can Make It

Offer Nissim was the one who discovered Dana International in the early 1990s and produced her first three albums. After a long disconnection between the two, they joined forces together in a new track that was premiered at the Tel Aviv Gay Pride, titled ‘We Can Make It.’ The track opened Offer’s grand Pride party at Bloomfield stadium.

Here’s a fan video from the premiere of the song at the pride party at Bloomfield: