New Music from LGBT Artists

Four Israeli LGBT artists have released new songs to the radio this week, so we have great music for this weekend. Here they are, one by one.

yael-Featured-1‘Armon Chol’ (‘A Palace in the Sand’) is a new song by Yael Deckelbaum, the first single by an all-female project  called “Achshav Linshom” (‘Breathe Now’). The album includes 10 songs by the feminist songwriter Zvia Aharoni, sung by 9 different female vocalists from various music genres. Each singer brings her own unique color, voice and style, that together create a powerful feminist combination that is both emotional and diverse.

ohad-targish-Featured-1“Targish” (‘Feel’), is another single from the extremely personal new album of singer-songwriter Ohad Hitman,  released during Passover. Ohad, who famously married his boyfriend last year, is getting ready for his next tour to promote the new album, with the premiere planned for this coming Monday, May 26.

korin-Featured-1Veteran singer Korin Alal is also currently on tour, in which she sings her greatest hits, including the song, “Derech Hakoorkar” (‘Gravel Road’) that she wrote at the beginning of the 1980’s for Arik Sinai and that became a huge hit in Israel long before Korin herself  became famous, and is considered as her first major hit. It was recorded live in November 2013 during Tel Aviv’s famous Piano Festival. The full album of the concert is scheduled to be released later this summer.

duduyizhaki-Featured-1Last but not least, Dudu Yzhaki, one of the talented rising stars whom A Wider Bridge’s group trip to Israel got to meet in person in 2013, released yet another single from his debut album. The song is called ‘Af’chad’ (‘Nobody’ in slang), and it’s accompanied with a very dramatic music video in which Dudu looks better than ever! Have a look: