New Look For Tel Aviv Museum

Israel’s Beit Hatefutsot, the Museum of the Jewish People, is undergoing a total redesign, including changing its name from Museum of the Jewish Diaspora Museum.


The Tel Aviv museum is a must-see destination on the itineraries of many U.S. tourists. Irina Nevzlin, the museum’s board chairman, gives the Jewish Week a peek into its renewal in advance of the museum’s annual gala dinner in New York on Dec. 14

Q.: Why was Beit Hatefutsot created?

A: This museum was created as a place that tells the story [of the Jewish people up] until the establishment of the State of Israel and serves as a database for the Jewish people. Jews are spread all over the world, live very different lives and speak different languages. If a Jew wants to place himself on the map and understand whom he belongs to, what makes them a people, the museum’s purpose is to help him.
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