New Generation of Gay Dads

Our very own Yanir Dekel launched a page for “the new generation of gay dads,” the first generation of gay men who can get married and have biological children together. “we don’t have to do everything exactly like the straight couples are doing,” he writes. “We can find our own way.”

Until I had children, every time I saw someone else’s – either in pictures or in person – I felt obligated to say they were cute. It’s an automatic thing that you do, you know, like answering your partner’s question, “do I look fat?” (Answer: NO, you look like a god!)

“Hell is other people’s children,” someone once said, and I could definitely relate to that, especially when I met a proud mom interminably flipping through pictures of her babies smiling, playing, eating, barfing. It always looked the same to me. You’ve seen one- you’ve seen ‘em all. Maybe it’s just me, but I’m getting the sense that I’m not the only one.

I’ve been a parent for less than a year and a half and still wake up in the middle of the night and go to check if it’s real. Who would’ve believed that technology would now allow a gay couple to have kids this way: two boys, one biologically Alex’s, the other biologically mine, born through IVF with the same egg donor, so they are genetically and biologically connected – which also has the beautiful effect of connecting Alex and me biologically as well. They were born together like twins with the help of our wonderful surrogate, Carli. She, by the way, introduced us to the newly found term for this: Twiblings. They are twins, but not really, but they are siblings.

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