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New Family

New Family works for equal family rights for all residents of Israel, including the rights to marry, divorce, have children, register spouses and children, and conduct family life regardless of religion, gender, nationality, sexual orientation, or status.
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Since 1998, New Family has set ground-breaking legal precedents in recognition of rights to equality in common-law partnerships, reproductive freedoms, maternity and parenting benefits, adoption, surrogacy, finance, inheritance, survivors benefits, and more, triggering a dramatic transformation of the legal and social reality in Israel.

New Family serves all families in Israel subject to legal inequalities resulting from religious jurisdiction over personal status and family life in Israel, including people who can’t marry in Israel their chosen partner or can’t marry at all in Israel, immigrants, single-parent families, common-law couples, minorities, LGBT, Reform, Conservative and other non-Orthodox Jews, converts, interfaith families, bi-national families, religiously ‘forbidden’ unions, migrant workers, refugees and asylum seekers, people who don’t meet the religious definition of any faith, or meet the definition of two faiths, and their children.


New Family’s Founder and Executive Director Irit Rosenblum and Labor Knesset member Merav Michaeli [Photo: Facebook]


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