New English Page for Hoshen

Hoshen, the LGBT education organization, has uploaded a new page in English to describe their work in Israel. The page includes a video with English subtitles, where volunteers in the organization read letters that they received from students who where exposed to one of Hoshen’s programs.

“I have a friend who is unsure about his identity. The activity helped me understand him better so that I can help him,” read Jonathan Marton.

The video also follows one activity of Hoshen in Beer Sheva, lead by Ben (a 31 year old gay man from Tel Aviv), Rachel (a 25 year old bisexual woman from Beer Sheva) who tell their personal stories, and Shmul Shimhoni, who explains the difference between sexual attraction and gender.

Hoshen (in Hebrew, an acronym for “Education and Change”) is the public education and awareness-raising arm of the LGBT community in Israel. We are a nationwide, non-profit organization whose purpose is to challenge the stereotypes surrounding sexual orientation and gender identity while training the Israeli professional community to better deal with these issues.