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My Boyfriend is Going to War

A picture posted  by a gay Israeli guy from the city of Ariel, of his boyfriend recruited for the army has gone viral on Facebook and became the latest demonstration of LGBT equality in Israel.

Eyal Shamir posted a photo of his boyfriend of five years, Itamar, an officer in the IDF, who was recruited for army service, with his back pack and uniform, going out the door.


“’Who would do this if not us,’ ‘this is our country and we should defend it,’ Itamar always say to me,” writes Eyal, “and I couldn’t agree with him more, but it’s a little bit disturbing to me that we’re good for the country only in these situations.”

“When Itamar and I wanted to get married they immediately bothered to remind us that people of our kind don’t have the right to marry, don’t have the right to have children through surrogacy here, and don’t have the right to adopt. In a moment like this I can’t help but wonder why a person should cancel a planned vacation in the north,  and go back home to pack the bag and go out to the battlefield…”

“Are we good only for war?” Eyal continues. “I hope all the soldiers come home safe, that the escalation will stop and we’ll be able to go back to our normal lives. And I also hope that the decision makers in this country will learn to realize that if I’m good enough to be sent out to war – I’m also good enough to build  my dream home here with the family of my dreams.”

Eyal and Itamar

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