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Mosaic of Westchester

Mosaic-Featured-1Mosaic strives to promote greater awareness and knowledge of LGBTQ Jewish resources including offering simple and concrete ways for the Westchester Jewish community to become more inclusive. Mosaic’s vision is the full integration of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Questioning (LGBTQ) Jews into Westchester Jewish life. Acting as a catalyst, resource and facilitator, our conviction is that greater inclusivity will enrich us all by making our community more diverse and more connected.


Mosaic helps LGBTQ Jews—singles, couples, families and seniors find a way to become more connected to the Jewish community…a way that works for them, whether it’s through religious affiliation, community service, social/cultural/recreational activities, and/or study. The organization helps Jewish institutions, clergy, and educators navigate the process of LGBTQ inclusion in the way that is most comfortable for their particular synagogue, school or organization. Mosaic also helps friends and allies connect with one another and work with them in a shared goal of enriching Westchester’s Jewish community through LGBTQ inclusion.


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