“More Than Facts and Figures”

Omar Sharif Jr. is the recipient of this year’s Inspiration Award of UK’s leading gay magazine Attitude. Omar, who always keep an eye on LGBT people in the Middle East, wants the world to open its arms to people fleeing hatred.


Since coming to America, actor and activist Omar Sharif Jr. has used this position to be beacon for LGBT people in the Middle East who are still unable to come out.

Omar wants to remind the world that Islamophobic intolerance that fuels anti-refugee sentiments has a profound affect on those who are trying to escape anti-LGBT hatred.

“We need to not demonize people,” he said. A lot of the refugees who are fleeing [the Middle East] are LGBT and they’re fleeing intolerance and persecution. They’re fleeing for their lives. And so we need to be more welcoming to refugees, and not falsely correlate all Islam with terrorism.”

“We’re more than just facts and figures, moral and ethical debates. We’re brothers and sisters, neighbors.”

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