Moovz Targets Women

Until now, the Israeli LGBT social networking app “Moovz” was known, throughout the world, mostly among men. Recently, the app recruited veteran lesbian activist Anat Nir as its Director of Marketing, with an effort of attracting more women in Latin America, Asia and the United States, and 100,000 women have already joined.

“MOOVZ has more than one million users and every day thousands more from around the world join, “says Anat Nir. “Six months ago, MOOVZ opened its gates for all LGBT people, after being a platform for gay men, and today there are striking numbers of women worldwide who have joined in such a short time.”

If the demand is so big, why do you think most of the apps don’t target women?

“I think most of the applications did not appeal to women for two main reasons: women hold less disposable income, which is perceived to be more difficult to establish the business in this market segment, and the other reason is that men hold senior positions in business and leading processes that concern them.”
According to Anat, this unbalanced situation will eventually change. “We found that women contribute content to the platform much more than men do; their sessions are longer, their engagement is higher. So now we’re very invested in the advancement of the application among women- and there’s a sense of wildfire. Our focus countries are in Latin America, Asia and the United States, where the app is becoming very successful. The strategy of geographic areas is chosen because we all know that interest in social networks occurs when there are other people in your area who use it as well.”

How do you market this application to women?

“We try to bring world-renowned lesbian, bisexual and transgender women into the app, like Candis Cayne who manages the content area of trans pride. The relevance mechanism that we developed and we are working on constantly upgrading, allows us to be both one community and still expose identities and themes that are relevant to the individual.”

“We are very proud of our product and the fact that we are conducting it from here, in Israel,” Anat concludes. “Even Ivri Lider entered as a partner in Moovz, after seeing international potential that exists there. It is important to remember that Israel is indeed an important country, progressive and influential relative to its size in the global LGBT landscape , but in terms of user base it’s a small country and therefore the focus of our marketing efforts is overseas.”