Monthly Roundup – April 2018

Stay up-to-date with our many communities: Here’s what’s been happening this month in the intersecting worlds of pro-Israel and the LGBTQ community!


Sheridan Bahar

Ronit Bezalel

Quentin Hill

We’re excited to announce new transitions at A Wider Bridge. Please join us in congratulating two recent staffers on their well-earned promotions. Ronit Bezalel Ronit Bezalel is now our Communications Director, and Quentin Hill has been promoted to Eastern States Manager of Programs and Development. We also welcome Sheridan Bahar, our new Programs and Development Coordinator.

We’re hiring! We’re seeking an experienced, dynamic and self-motivated Western States Director to round out our team. This full time position is based in San Francisco or Los Angeles.  Is this you or someone you know? Full details can be found here.


Happy 70th Israel!   To celebrate Israel at 70, we looked back at key moments of progress for the LGBTQ community in Israel. From the 1st annual gay celebration in the history of Tel Aviv in 1966 to the 1990s, when LGBTQ IDF soldiers were allowed to serve openly and equally, we’re proud of how Israel has bent the arc toward progress. A Wider Bridge

Our Executive Director Tyler Gregory, delivered this stirring message on Yom Ha’atzmaut about the creation of Israel, LGBTQ pride, and our shared journeys to freedom.  A Wider Bridge

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) will no longer allow the Israeli LGBTQ organization Hoshen to provide educational workshops for soldiers. Hoshen’s Executive Director, Tamar Yahel commented: “This is not a random decision, but rather a tactical choice made out of fear of criticism directed at the IDF because of the integration of these critical contents.” WDG

A Wider Bridge encourages the IDF to reconsider their decision. A Wider Bridge 

On a positive note, the Israel Prison Service announces that transgender inmates will no longer be kept in isolation. We congratulate our partners the Gila Project and the Aguda on this hard won victory. WDG

Israel’s 9th annual LGBT Religious Shabbat weekend is held the last weekend in April.  “This is a rare space where attendees don’t have to explain why their child has two dads, or two moms,” explained co-organizer Zehorit Sorek. This event is partially sponsored by an A Wider Bridge Impact Grant. A Wider Bridge

Liat Rivlin, niece of the Israeli President comes out: “I don’t have to hide anymore.” A Wider Bridge


Performers at “A Wider Bridge: Coffee and Storytelling”

CHICAGO — AWB Campus Engagement Fellow Eli Cohen detailed the creation of his ‘A Wider Bridge: Coffee and Storytelling’ event. A Wider Bridge.

NEW YORK — Openly gay New York City Council members Corey Johnson​ and Ritchie Torres visited Israel on a JCRC trip. “For 70 years the State of Israel has stood as a beacon of hope and opportunity,” Johnson wrote in a statement while in Israel. A Wider Bridge


“What being gay taught me about Zionism.”  A Wider Bridge’s Young Professionals Network member Peter Fox penned this op-ed. Jerusalem Post

Dana International reflected on representing Israel as a cultural icon. “There are people I meet with, who are international icons, who gently asked that the word ‘Israel’ will not be mentioned anywhere [near them]. That hurts me.” Walla

Israeli Trans TV star Bell Agam works with Israel Gay Youth (IGY) to help at-risk transgender youth. Go!

Canadian media parson Shai DeLuca-Tamasi shared his stories of being openly gay in the Israeli army. Canadian Jewish News.


Israeli President Rubi Rivlin supports his lesbian niece, Liat Rivlin!