Meet A Wider Bridge: Our New Video!

What began as a San Francisco-based effort in 2010, has grown into an international organization. Moving from conversation to connection, to today- a true movement. A movement of LGBT people choosing to engage meaningfully with the state of Israel and its LGBT citizens. Watch the new promotional video for A Wider Bridge featuring activists and past Israel missions participants.

A Wider Bridge’s brand new reel presents the organization work and impact since its establishment in 2010. We focus on programming for LGBTQ and allies that builds personal connection, providing individuals and organizations, both in Israel and America, with opportunities for engagement, education and experience. In the words of our Executive Director Arthur Slepian, “We share common desire to live full whole authentic lives.”

We believe two kinds of outcomes will result from this work. First, through this unique LGBT path to Israel, more LGBT people in North America, both Jews and non-Jews, will find meaningful connection with Israel and Israelis. Second, through communication, learning about each other, and sharing of knowledge and best practices, the LGBT communities in both Israel and North America will grow stronger and better capable of advancing their goals.