Master of ‘Lies’

Gay artist Shine Horovits changed the perception of photoshop art and digital art in Israel.

Famous Israeli actress Noa Tishby photographed as Jessica Rabbit – what is real and what’s a lie?


Well, Tishby was photographed on a white background with no make up, no hairstylist or set designer, wearing underwear only. The rest is photoshop artwork.

Fabulousness is nothing but a lie. That’s the main massage of famed gay Israeli artist Shine Horovits, whose debut exhibition of surrealistic digital art just finished showing in Tel Aviv and is now showing in Ramat Hasharon’s La Galeria de Puta Madre. The reaction has been so overwhelming, and it’s been a while since an artist was received so lovingly by the Israeli media.

“Bloggers wrote and covered the exhibition. I received so many phone calls and text messages, saw countless selfies with my work on social media, and people even stopped me on the streets,” Shine Horovits tells me. “So many things were said and written about my work, but to me the most memorable comment was that someone said I’m a trailblazer, that I changed the perception of photoshop art and digital art in general.”

Horovits, 34, started his Cinderella story as a failed student in arts studies in Natzrat Elite in the North of Israel. During his army service, and shortly after coming out as gay, he discovered Photoshop and fell in love. His first break was given to him by none other than Dana International, who gave him the challenge to design the cover to one of her singles. “God knows how I did it,” Horovits recalled in an Interview with Walla. “I just played with the software.” Since then he designed many other CD and magazine covers and if you ask him, the key to his success is a lot of devotion and investment in his work. “I think there’s a direct connection between my sexual identity and my art,” he says. “I have no fear of facing any problem or issue, being controversial or extreme and I constantly search for sexiness -both masculine and feminine- and the perfect aesthetic.”


His perfect aesthetic work has started opening doors for him in Hollywood as well. In 2011 Shine designed the poster for the Hollywood Film Awards winning movie “Dorfman in Love.” He later met with the production team of Celine Dion about designing the cover for her new album, but Celine eventually decided to go back to performing in Vegas and the album was postponed. Nowadays he’s working on a poster for an LA music band.

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