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Crowdfunding: Help Israel’s Ma’avarim Organization Provide Scholarships to the Trans Community

Israel’s transgender Ma’avarim organization has  successfully provided 3 academic scholarships to the trans community.  Watch the video to see how lives are changing! Support the campaign to provide additional scholarships: http://bit.ly/2xU1gO7

While Israel boasts itself as LGBT friendly, the reality of trans and gender variant people in Israel is similar to that of the gay community 30 years ago. Transgender people are ridiculed in the media, casted out by their communities and families, many are marginalized towards poverty and sexwork.  Additionally, it becomes very challenging to finance a college degree without family support, with a minimum wage job (if any), and after spending thousands of dollars on lifesaving treatments.

Enter Ma’avrim, an organization that is offering a scholarship and mentoring program for trans folk wishing to complete their education. This program, partially funded by Microsoft Israel, enables recipients to study in diverse fields such as social work and filmmaking. Three scholarships have been funded already. There is now a crowdfunding campaign to fund additional scholarships.

In the words of scholarship recipients:

“For a long time, I dreamt of studying social work, but I couldn’t afford the tuition so I kept putting it off.”

“I didn’t know if I could afford school and work, because I work hard to support myself.”

“I saw the ad for Ma’avarim offering a scholarship for Trans folks, and I said ‘wow perfect timing, that could really help me.”

“Ma’avarim enables trans people to complete their degrees.”

“Without this, I don’t think I could have gone to college.”

To help fund the scholarships, you can make a donation here: http://bit.ly/2xU1gO7