Listen: Israel’s Song for Eurovision 2017

“I Feel Alive” is the song that was chosen to represent Israel in the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest in Ukraine, and as singer Imri Ziv promised – it’s catchy, energetic and full of rhythm.

The melody and lyrics, all in English, were written by Dolev Ram and Penn Hazut, who co-wrote some of the biggest hits in Israel in 2016. The production of the song combines Balkan influences- never before heard in an Israeli entry since it joined the European music competition in 1973.

The music video is filled with dancers and bubbles, directed by Yoav Tzafir and Elad Weissman and was filmed in four locations around Tel Aviv.

Ziv and the song representing Israel will compete in the second semifinal of the Eurovision Song Contest that will take place May 11. If Israel goes through to the finals, we will be able to see him live here in America as well, on Logo channel on Saturday, May 13.

Israel won Eurovision three times in the past, in 1978, 1979, and then again in 1998. Last year’s entry, Made of Stars by Hovi Star, got through to the finals and ended up at number 14.

Good luck Imri!