Gay Daddies in the Military

The Israeli military has announced a small but dramatic policy change to help same-sex couples continue serving in the reserves with ease even after becoming parents.


The new policy ensures that same-sex couples will not have to simultaneously report for reserve duty, a requirement of most men and a few women after completing compulsory military service in their early twenties. Reserve duty continues even after parenthood, posing a parenting problem for same sex couples if both partners are called to serve at the same time.

Israel is one of some 30 countries that allow gays to openly serve in the military. It was revealed in February that one transgender officer, who joined the army as a woman,underwent a gender transformation while serving.

The new policy by the military to accommodate same-sex couples in the reserves capped a week of events and discussions in the country ahead of an annual gay pride parade — a megaparty that took place Friday in Tel Aviv, from Israel and around the world.

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