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LGBTQI Jewish Clergy Retreat

Nehirim is thrilled to announce its first LGBTQI Jewish clergy retreat, welcoming Rabbis, Cantors, Rabbinic Pastors and students thereof to San Francisco from Sunday, December 7 through Wednesday, December 10.

Together we will:

  • Celebrate our diversities-Jewishly, LGBTQ, age, family configurations, race, geography, and more
  • Explore the particular gifts, strengths and role of LGBTQI spiritual  leadership in the Jewish world.
  • Discuss what it means to ‘queer’ Judaism-in terms of midrash, musar, mindfulness, mystery and more.
  • Enrich ourselves with amazing learning, sharing and creating of cutting edge:
    • Queer theology
    • Ritual
    • Liturgy
    • Models of pastoral care
    • Halachic discourse
    • Musar
    • Practical Rabbinics
    • Spiritual practice
    • Immerse ourselves in beautiful prayer, food and community
  • Have FUN!! Sing, dance, laugh and more.
  • Discern whether/how/when we might continue to meet/collaborate/celebrate

Much thanks to the Walter and Elise Haas Fund, which is generously funding this event and to Rabbi Camille Angel for offering the beautiful Sha’ar Zahav to host.

WHERE: Congregation Sha’ar Zahava on Dolores St. in San Fransisco, CA

WHEN: Sunday December 7, 2014 – Wednesday December 10, 2014 (noon)


Sunday, December 7

3:00   Welcome and intention setting
3:15   Mincha
3:30   Hopes and celebration of our histories and our diversities
4:15   Break 4:30   Maariv
5:00   Opening panel—LGBTQI gifts and our role in lifting up the consciousness of klal Yisrael
6:30   Dinner on site
8:00   Mishpacha groups 9:00   Break/schmoozing

Monday, December 8
8:30   Shacharit (Options: Traditional/Renewal/yoga or meditation)
9:30   Theology panel 11:00  Break 11:15  One workshop each from the following tracks:

  • Theology
  • Ritual
  • Liturgy
  • Musar

12:45  Lunch on site–cohort tables

  • RRC
  • HUC
  • AJR
  • JTS
  • Boston Hebrew
  • Independent
  • Orthodox

2:00   Ritual panel
3:30   Mincha
4:00   One workshop each from the following tracks

  • Pastoral care
  • Halachic discourse
  • Practical rabbinics
  • Mindfulness

5:30   Maariv
6:15   Dinner on site
7:45   Mishpacha groups
8:45   Cabaret, Fashion Show, Fun!

Tuesday, December 9
8:30   Shacharit (options: Traditional/Renewal/yoga or meditation)
9:30   Pastoral Care Panel
11:00  Break
11:15  One workshop each from the following tracks:

  • Theology
  • Ritual
  • Liturgy
  • Self care

12:45  Lunch on site—cohort tables

  • Working for an LGBTQ shul
  • Senior or solo rabbi in a mixed shul
  • Assistant rabbi in a mixed shul
  • Other rabbinic position
  • Cantors
  • Rabbinic Pastors
  • Students

2:00   Interfaith panel and discussion—Hear from a Muslim and Christian queer clergy about their vision for queering Islam and queering Christianity to  spark conversations about visions for queering Judaism 3:30   Mincha
4:00   One workshop from each of the following tracks:

  • Pastoral care
  • Halachic discourse
  • Interfaith work
  • Self care

5:30   Maariv
6:15   Public session—Creating Beloved Community: Ally clergy, LGBT members of local community, others are invited to a “Learning Out” conversation—What do I wish allies knew about me. What do allies wish we knew?
7:15   Dinner at local restaurants

Wednesday, December 10
8:30   Shacharit  (Options: Traditional/Renewal/yoga or meditation)
9:30   Small group discussions on whether/how/when we might continue to meet/collaborate/celebrate in the areas of theology, ritual, liturgy, pastoral are, interfaith work, musar, practice, self care
10:30  Report out and full group discussion on same question
11:30  Evaluation
11:45  Closing-prayers/blessings/celebration
12:00  Adjourn, box lunches

For housing, pricing and registration please visit Nehirim’s website


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