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“From history to modernity: finding our place in Israel’s future”  That is the theme of A Wider Bridge’s unique tour through Israel that gets underway today, as a group of LGBTQ Jews from across the United States begin their journey through Israel together.

The group will explore the land, the history and the people of Israel and will connect with Israel’s vibrant LGBT communities throughout the journey.  Participants will have the opportunity to engage with a diverse array of  LGBTQ leaders, artists and activists all over the country.

As Jews who work to make our own communities in the U.S. more welcoming and accepting of LGBT people, we seek to learn from the challenges and successes of Israel’s LGBT communities, and the ways in which diverse LGBT stories are woven into the complex fabric of Israeli society, and while most of our participants have never met each other before, we hope to create our own sense of community during this 10 day journey through the Jewish homeland.

The group will spend its first day exploring the desert of Israel’s southern region.  Our trip begins in the desert, because that is where the story of our people began many centuries ago, like our ancestors, we will make the journey from the desert to Jerusalem.

This tour is sponsored by A Wider Bridge, as part of its work of bringing the LGBT communities of Israel and North America closer together.   The tour is co-sponsored by two leading national LGBT Jewish organizations Keshet and Nehirim, along with three LGBTQ-focused congregations: Congregation Beth Chayim Chadashim, Congregation Sha’ar Zahav and Congregtion Kol Ami.

Participants will spend time in Jerusalem, at a kibbutz in Israel’s northern most region and in Haifa.  The trip will conclude in the very modern and gay-friendly city of Tel Aviv.

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