LGBTQ Israel Mission Photoblog: Day 2

Day two of A Wider Bridge’s 2017 Leadership Mission to Israel started with a tour at Tel Aviv’s LGBTQ Center is in the heart of the city in Gan Meir (Meir Park). The tour included meetings with leaders of the LGBTQ Israeli organizations and a moving stop at the memorial monument for the gay victims of the Holocaust.

An image you don’t see every day: A Muslim woman in a discussion with transgender Israeli soldier. Nadiya and Erez.

“This is a very rare picture of me smiling outdoors. Don’t get used to it.” – H. Alan Scott

The day continued with an exotic tour in the old city of Jaffa, and its unique sights, smells and tastes. The group explored the city’s origins and many layers of history and culture.

Jennifer and Tori share a kiss in Jaffa.

“This is The Wishing Bridge. You are supposed to put your hand on the metal plaque with your zodiac sign until it burns, then say a wish as you look into the Mediterranean! It was HOT!” – James Moon

Can you guess what was the most popular wish?

The evening gave the trip participant a chance to meet and schmooze with Israeli LGBTQ activists in a rooftop cocktail reception organized by A Wider Bridge. Shani, our staff member in Israel, celebrated a birthday with a toast.

L’chayim, Shani!

Rooftop #1

A Wider Bridge’s Tyler Gregory with leaders of the Aguda, Chen Arieli and Ohad Hizki.