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LGBTQ Haifa History Project Successfully Meets Crowdfunding Goals!

After two months of a busy and exciting crowdfunding campaign, Haifa’s LGBTQ History project raised 51,000 NIS (over $14,500) thanks to nearly 500 supporters! Funds will help the organizers document Haifa’s queer history, open a digital archive, and produce a documentary film.


Adi Sadaka (middle) with Yoav Zaritsky and Dotan Brom, Co-leaders of the LGBTQ History Project

It was a frenetic 2-month crowdfunding campaign, and in the end it paid off!  Committed activists Adi Sadaka, Yoav Zaritsky and Dotan Brom successfully raised over $14,500 from nearly 500 donors to support Haifa’s LGBTQ History project.

They weren’t sure that they would meet the deadline. “We had 10,000 shekels to raise with a week and a half to go. “It seemed like an impossible threshold.” said Yoav Zariskky, project co-leader.

But with a lot of hard work, they crossed this threshold. The team was delighted by the outpouring of community support for this important undertaking.

The much needed funds will be used to continue the recording of these oral history testimonials, to create a digital archive which is accessible to the public, and also to create a longform documentary video.

In addition, the organizers will present the first queer history festival in Israel, happening in February 2018 in Haifa. This festival will feature lectures, screenings of LGBTQ films, and a special exhibition of the materials in the project archives. At the end of the festival, there will be a 1-year anniversary birthday party for Haifa’s LGBTQ center, the Community House for Pride and Tolerance,which is a recipient of an A Wider Bridge Impact Grant.

Planning the Haifa Queer History Festival

The Haifa LGBTQ History project is a unique endeavor to record the many coming out stories of Haifa’s LGBTQ communities. “The LGBTQ history includes all, Jews, Arabs, Muslims, Christians. Otherwise it wouldn’t be complete,” remarked project co-leader Adi Sadaka.

For more information, visit the Haifa Queer History Project’s Facebook page.