15 Percent of LGBT Women Humiliated by Israeli Medical Staff

In Israel, LGBT women ask for medical services less than straight women, and when they do ask they often encounter a humiliating attitude, a new study reveals.

LGBT women ask for medical services less than straight women, and when they do ask for such services they may well encounter a humiliating attitude and lack of understanding on the part of medical staff, reports a recent Israeli study on LGBT women’s use of medical services.

The study reveals a distressing picture, though not necessarily a surprising one, of the complex relations between the medical system and the LGBT community, in this case the female part of it. These relations are reflected in the way LGBT women use health services, and in their health, too.

Dr. Ruth Gophen, who conducted the study with her colleague Dr. Gal Wagner of Tel Aviv’s Gan Meir Clinic, said: “In recent years research has been published around the world that shows LGBT women request less medical services, but no such study had been conducted in Israel until now. Or study shows that although the awareness of the issue in Israel is growing and improving, LGBT women may still encounter an insulting and hurtful attitude on the part of the medical staff while receiving medical services.”

These are some of the findings of a study conducted of some 1,100 women, in advance of the Talking About Health With Pride conference, which will be held as part of the International Health Conference on Women’s Health, being held this week under the auspices of the Tel Aviv municipality’s Tel Aviv Pride Festival, along with the Tel Aviv Municipal LGBT Community Center and Gan Meir Clinic.

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