Ruthie and Connie to receive SAGE Pioneer Award

Jewish couple Ruthie Berman and Connie Kurtz, LGBT senior icons, have known each other 56 years, been partners for 42, and married nearly five. As they got older, Ruthie and Connie began to focus their activism on protections for LGBT seniors


Wives Ruthie Berman and Connie Kurtz, perhaps the nation’s best-known senior lesbian couple, will be officially declared pioneers of the LGBT movement on Saturday at The Biltmore Hotel.

“The gala is to honor us for the work we’ve done for many, many years,” said Berman, 82, who lives with Kurtz, 79, in West Palm Beach.

Known in the gay world as “Ruthie and Connie,” they will receive the SAGE Pioneer Award, presented by Services & Advocacy For GLBT Elders, the country’s largest and oldest organization for LGBT seniors.

Ruthie and Connie were each born in Brooklyn. They became friends 56 years ago. Both were Jewish women married to men and raising children. Fourteen years later, Ruthie and Connie realized they loved each other, divorced their husbands, and came out as lesbians.

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