LGBT Community Vs. Cafe Cafe

A new ad campaign for Café Café (Israeli coffe shop chain) just went live and has already managed to annoy people in the local LGBT community.

The short video, which went viral last week under the slogan “The Proud Parliament,” shows a meeting between three  effeminate gay friends in a cafe, having  a dialogue that some claimed to be insulting, offensive and homophobic.

Public and private online discussion groups are currently discussing the advertisement. Opponents argue that it’s a stereotypical representation, turning gays into a joke.

For example, one opponent wrote on Facebook: “The flag of the community is in rainbow colors, to show that being gay does not catalogue you in a particular stigmatized group. I officially distribute a badge of shame to the Cafe Cafe chain for this awful ad. I’m sick of people picking on part of the community and in this way manage to humiliate such a large number of people.  I’ve  never met a gay person who talks like that in real life – so completely shallow and embarrassing. If it’s  just my tiny protest …. at least I’ll sleep well at night. I will never sit in Café Café again.”

In contrast, there were those who argued that it is legitimate advertising, entertaining and positive. One of the most prominent speakers was celebrity hair stylist Mickey Buganim, who referred to the whole affair from his perspective on his Facebook page. ” This post is dedicated to everyone  who the new Café Café  ad squeezes hard and deeply inside their feelings of inferiority … My dear friend Asi Azar once told me that the first time he saw me in a coffee shop talking with my friends in a feminine manner he was in shock. Since then, Asi  came out and accepted himself- as well as my femininity. A couple of years ago, when I did an ad for Lighting Warehouse Network (in order to make  a living ) journalist Raanan Shaked said it made him vomit, and he was joined by others.”

“What was really painful and strange to me,” Buganim said, ” was  that the people who shouted the loudest were members of the community, the community that suffers and cries day and night: ‘ accept me , accept me!’  That same community behaves aggressively  and dreads reality. I’m pretty sure that people know that in reality there’re  not only gays like me, a feminine and lack-of-gender homosexual, who looks and feels differently everytime.  I think it’s clear that there are more ‘solid’ gays. We have Gal Uchovskys and we have Ivri Liders and and more and more… ”

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