LGBT Celebrate Rosh Hashanah

Queer blogger Charlotte Robinson explains the Jewish Days of Awe to her readers

CharlotteRobinson180x200Rosh Hashanah the Jewish New Year begins at sundown tonight celebrating of the year 5776. Rosh Hashanah starts a 10-day period of introspection & contemplation culminating in Yom Kippur the Day of Atonement.

Rosh Hashanah is marked with a special rituals. Prior to the arrival of the day it is customary to send new years greetings to friends, to buy new clothing & to examine ones behavior. On Rosh Hashanah eve you eat apples dipped in honey signifying a sweet year.

At Rosh Hashanah services the day is marked with a special liturgy in which we pray for the whole world.

The contemporary text for Conservative congregations acknowledges LGBT relationships by making references to “partners”, faltering faith, depression, loneliness & financial difficulties has been hailed as “an extraordinary event” by the Rabbinical Assembly the New York-based organization of Conservative rabbis that is behind its creation.

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