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Lethal Lesbian Israeli Film Festival

LethalLesbian-Featured-1Lethal Lesbian is an Israeli film festival dedicated entirely to lesbian content and held annually since 2008. The festival screens a wide variety of genres. It is the only film festival in Israel screening work that is entirely local; participating films are all created by Israeli women.
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2012 (October 13th 2012 at ZOA house, 26 Ibn Gvirol Tel Aviv)

2011: IDENTITIES: (September 23-24 2011 at Rav Hen Cinema, Dizengoff Sqr. Tel Aviv)




Lethal Lesbian Film Festival 2017 (A Wider Bridge / October 31, 2017)
Lethal Lesbian 2016 (WDG / November 4, 2016)
“What I wanted to See When I Was 16” (WDG / July 6, 2016)
Israel’s LGBT Community Raises a Red Flag (A Wider Bridge / August 29, 2013)
The 5th Lethal Lesbian: A Success! ( A Wider Bridge / October 15, 2012)

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