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Lethal Lesbian Film Festival 2017

Now in its 10th year, the ‘Lethal Lesbian’ film festival returns to the Tel Aviv Cinematheque on November 10-11.  Always a crowd pleaser, this popular festival is often sold-out. A Wider Bridge spoke with festival organizers Lior Elefant, Anat Nir and Dana Ziv.

The ‘Lethal Lesbian Festival’ in Tel Aviv is an Israeli film festival dedicated entirely to lesbian content and promoting lesbian filmmakers in any genre, from comedy and drama to video art and documentaries. This successful festival brings together the LGBTQ community in appreciation of great, local work.

Where did the name come from? Why Lethal Lesbian? That’s a curious name!  Well, Anat [Nir] came up with the name as a reference to “lethal weapon” franchise. it represents great films, great fun, and lesbians!

Is it true that all the films are by local filmmakers?
Yes, all the films are by Israeli directors. Last year we screened two films by Israeli directors who live in the States, but they are originally from Israel. This is the ONLY film festival in Israel to screen only local cinema.

How does the festival fit into your activism?
We believe in promoting women in general, and the LGBTQ community in particular, in the media and other venues. ‘Lethal Lesbian’ was created in order to voice the unheard voices, see the invisible, and represent those who are not usually represented on the screen.

It seems like the festival is growing each year. How many people do you expect will attend this year?
I don’t want to jinx, but we were fully booked every year, and expect to be fully booked this year. This means about 1500 people will attend.

Anat, as one of the originators of the festival – you are not doing the festival this year, is that correct? Is this because you are running for office in the Knesset? How is that going?

Yes, that’s correct. I have sold my part of the business (including Lethal Lesbian) as a part of my choice to become a politician and run for office. I will probably be the proudest person sitting in that movie theatre. It is quite exciting to understand that the creative work I have done envisioning, building, and producing this festival has turned it into a brand which stands for itself. The team behind this festival is SUPER talented and dedicated. I am happy to be a visitor in its 10th year celebration, it is a unique standpoint.

This year, the festival will screen a mixture of shorts, documentaries and narrative films including the new feature film Montana by Limor Shmila.

Films have English subtitles. You can see learn more about the festival and see the film lineup here http://www.lethallesbian.com/english