‘Let it B:’ Tel Aviv Reveals Official 2017 Gay Pride Artwork

Under the title ‘Let it B,’ an illustration of bisexual men and women riding unicorns and bearing the rainbow and bisexual flags is the official illustration of this year’s Tel Aviv Pride parade.

The Tel Aviv Municipality launched the advertising language that will accompany the 2017 gay pride events in the city, under this year’s theme, Bisexual Visibility.

The art was designed by Yossi Madar.

“I am proud of our ability as a community to produce each year a theme, a group, a common agenda and approach to the public, which will recognize, accept and become educated about the community in all its diversity,” said Yaniv Weizman, the council member who coordinates LGBT issues. “The urban campaign highlights the uniqueness of the community, its beauty, the complexities and the differences between one and the other. It’s all reflected in the new campaign: on the one hand, the unicorn is identified as a bisexual symbol; on the other, the connection between different genders and similar genders. The city knows how to integrate and contain, under the message ‘Let It B,’ both women and men, both left and right, both religious and secular, both Ashkenazi and Mizrahi, both LGBT and straight.”

The Tel Aviv 2017 Pride: Let It B takes place on June 9.