Lesléa Newman: Lesbian, Jewish, Writer

Lesléa Newman is the author of 65 books including the children’s book Heather Has Two Mommies-the first ever Jewish/LGBT book.

Leslea Newman

I first met Lesléa Newman as a sophomore at Brandeis University. As co-founder of a fledgling Jewish-LGBTQ club on campus I was in charge of hosting Lesléa Newman for our first big event where she read some of her stories, including the famous “A Letter to Harvey Milk.”

Even though I had not yet read any of Newman’s work, I was very excited to meet her because, like me, she is a Lesbian, Jewish, and a writer. I got a tingle of joy just sitting next her at a rushed dinner in the cafeteria. Even though I was too shy to really tell her that we shared three identities in common, it was nice to be in the room with someone on the same page.

Once I began to delve into Newman’s writing I immediately fell in love. Her deceptively simple stories center on the intersection of our shared identities: Jewish and LGBTQ.

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