Lesbian Partner Recognized as Mother

Israel: Lesbian partner of woman who had twins recognized at birth as the mother. ‘Unprecedented’ move marks ‘real revolution’ for same-sex couples, attorney says

IrisSchinfeldMarking an unprecedented ruling in Israel, the lesbian partner of a woman who gave birth to twins was automatically recognized as the babies’ mother.

A Family Court in Tel Aviv ignored the suggestion of the Attorney General who objected to the petition of the same-sex couple to recognize the non-biological mother as a parent.

In an usual move, the couple filed the petition while the partner was still pregnant in order to speed up the sometimes complicated process of receiving official recognition.

This week, after the biological mother gave birth to the twins, the judge from the family court accepted the couple’s unprecedented request.

Attorney Iris Sheinfeld (in the photo), who represented the couple, said that this marks a “real revolution” for same-sex couples.

“If up until now, the non-biological parents were forced to go through obstacles until the welfare authorities approved their parenthood, from now it will possible to begin the process of recognition of parenthood during the pregnancy and complete it immediately after birth, ” the attorney said.

The couple have been in a relationship for about nine years, during which time they had children together with the help of sperm donations, according to the attorney. Continue reading on i24news