Leadership Changes in LGBT Oranizations

Two LGBT organizations in Israel announced this week that they are in search of new Executive Directors. IGY, Israel Gay Youth, which recently adopted the format of co-CEOs, is saying goodbye to Mandy Michaeli, and at Hoshen, Yali Ben Ami Vitenberg announced that the organization is looking for someone to replace her.

Mandy Michaeli

“It’s not really over, just turning the other side of the record,” wrote Mandy Michaeli, the outgoing co-CEO, on Facebook. “It’s only a certain type of ending.” Michaeli worked at IGY for nine years, out of which three and a half years she served as co-CEO alongside Ran Leabel.

“Choosing Mandy and Ran comes from a desire to encourage and strengthen the growth of young leadership in the organization,” said the committee in the groundbreaking co-CEO announcement in March 2013. “Our selection of key activists indicates our confidence in the way that the organization has been run over the last year, and the way it’s going forward. We believe that IGY will serve as an example and a model for the entire community with the joint management of Mandy and Ran.”

The role of the CEO at IGY was divided into two, one of which is the administration of the inner-organizational activity and leadership of the education strategy, and the second one is development and management of the organization’s resources, as well as financial management. “The concept of a co-leadership comes out of the belief in joint-management by both men and women,” writes the organization’s website on the description of the job, which was posted yesterday (Monday).

Yali Ben Ami Vitenberg
Yali Ben Ami Vitenberg

In Hoshen, the educational LGBT organization, Yali Ben Ami Vitenberg is leaving after serving as CEO since 2014. “I’m proud to be a woman, a mother, the partner of the love of my life, a lesbian Mizrahi woman and resident on the periphery,” Yali wrote on International Women’s Day, “and above all I give thanks for the privilege given to me to stand in the leading role of the organization Hoshen, whose volunteers work day and night in order to implement the language of tolerance in Israel, towards LGBT people and towards other minorities…an organization which insists on women’s representation and approaches in its work the variety of genders.”