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Lawmaker Suspended from Committee for Boycott Over Gay Adoption

Openly gay Likud MK Amir Ohana punished for skipping key Knesset votes in protest at government’s discriminatory policy

Likud’s first openly gay lawmaker was suspended from a powerful Knesset committee on Wednesday after he refused to vote with the coalition in protest of the government’s declared opposition earlier this week to same-sex couples adopting children in Israel, giving preference to heterosexual ones.

Amir Ohana, a freshman MK and a gay rights activist, was temporarily removed from the Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee after skipping crucial Knesset votes by coalition whip David Bitan, a fellow member of the Likud party.

“In light of the fact that you boycotted meetings of the Knesset plenum and missed a long list of votes on important legislation… I decided to suspend you from the Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee for four months,” Coalition Chairman David Bitan wrote to Ohana. Continue reading in The Times of Israel