Law of Interpretation Discussion Postponed

The Israeli Ministers Committee for Legislation was scheduled Monday to discuss a correction of the basic Law of Interpretation, according to which many of the laws in Israel should be re-written. The discussion was postponed for two weeks.

The new correction states that every law that includes the word “discrimination” will include discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity.

The correction, which was supposed to be discussed Sunday, was postponed to Monday, and the Committee decided today to postpone it again for two weeks. An approval of the change will become another tool that completes other social and educational tools and will serve for a tolerant, open and secure society for LGBT people.

Currently, unfortunately, aside from one single law-the students rights law- there’s no explicit protection in the Israeli law from discrimination against transgender people in many areas like employment, services and more.

Forbidding discrimination is a basic idea in a democratic society- not to discriminate against a person or prevent him/her from the right to earn a living respectfully or receive services.

The initiator of this correction is MK Yoav Kish from the Likud party, together with MK Merav Ben-Ari from “Kulanu” and MK Ofer Shelach from “Yesh Atid.”

A Wider Bridge will continue to update on the matter, and joins our friends at Hoshen in support of the suggested correction that will give protection in every law to forbid LGBT discrimination, and first and foremost transgender discrimination (those who are being discriminated against the most).