Korin Allal


Korin Allal is one of Israel’s most famous and loved rock singers, a composer, musician and songwriter, whose career in Israel spans the late 1970s until today.

Allal began playing guitar at the age of 10. In high school she played in various bands, writing songs and melodies, and during her military service she took  part in an IDF soldiers’ entertainment band, were she met Yehudit Ravitz and Yoel Lerner. After her military service she began singing backing vocals for many artists, including the song ‘Atur Mitzchech” (by Arik Einstein) that later became an Israeli classic. In 1978 Allal participated in the famous stage show ‘Eretz Tropit Yafa’  (“beautiful tropical country”), along with Matti Caspi and Yehudit Ravitz. Allal’s solo performance of the song “Tell Me” during the show kickstarted her professional solo career.

Korin Allal’s self-titled debut album was released in 1984, and Allal composed most of the songs on the album, including “Motek,” and “Living in a Box,” but it was  ‘Ten Li Ktzat Mimcha’ (“Give me some of you”), which was written by her and Izhar Ashdot, that became her first hit. During that same period Allal composed the song ‘Ein Li Eretz Aheret’ (“I have No other Country”- lyrics by Ehud Manor) for Gali Atari, which became one of Israel’s most treasured songs ever. Allal was established as a musical phenomenon in 1989, with the release of her third album, “Antarctica”, produced by Yehudit Ravitz, which sold double platinum, and included the hit songs ‘Antartika,’ ‘Hatabaat Nafla’ (‘The Ring was Dropped’) and ‘Shir le Shira’ (‘A Song for Shira’)

During the 1990s Allal continued releasing successful albums, such as ‘My Mother’s Tongue’ (1990), ‘Rare Species’ (1991) and ‘When it’s Deep’ (1997). Allal also continued working with other famous artists such as Gali Atari (‘Stronger than the Wind’), Rona Kenan (Allal produced her first album) and the rock ensemble group ‘Carmela Gross Vagner’ (she produced their first album and also performed with them the song ‘Women write Poems’). During all that time there had been rumors about Allal’s sexual orientation, which was also interpreted in her songs (“We are rare species / a strange bird / our dreams are up in the air / our head is in the sand”). Later on, in 2001, Allal was one of the first Israeli female singers to have come out of the closet, while releasing her album ‘Taninank’ (‘ A Huge Crocodile’). The album was dedicated to the memory of Inbal Perlmutter who was killed four years ago in a car accident, and was rumored to be Allal’s ex-girlfriend. Among the most prominent songs of the album were “Tninank”, “The Beautiful”, “Rain all of a Sudden”, “Family”, “Rest Assured” and ‘Before he left Muhammad “.

In March 2009 Allal participated in the reality show “Big Brother VIP”, and was ranked fifth. During the show, she revealed that she had to deal with cancer. Allal now lives in a kibbutz with her partner Ruty (also her personal manager) and their two kids.




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