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JQlogo-Featured-1JQ International is a GLBT Jewish movement founded to create community and advance greater inclusion of LGBT Jews and Allies via identity building programs and services that embody Jewish values. JQ’s programming offers LGBT Jews, their friends, families and loved ones the opportunity to reconnect via specialized programming with a strong sense of self.
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JQ International utilizes years of successful LGBT Jewish community building to produce best practice and aid in greater awareness and inclusion by the community at large. Pride in a LGBT Jewish identity is established through a wide variety of programs and services developed by JQ to foster and strengthen leadership, activism and social action. Among their programs, JQ International provides LGBT/Jewish community resources, inclusion consulting, and highlights Jewish queer role models.


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A special program dedicated to highlighting positive images and stories about and for the Jewish Queer community. Featuring videos, news stories, and interviews with LGBT and Ally Jewish Celebrities, Leaders, Artists, and Role Models. Website.

LGBT & Ally Birthright Trip to Israel.
Specializing in consultation for trip providers in order to plan an itinerary and advise staff on how to make a life-changing experience welcoming and inclusive for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender young Jews ages 18-26. Leading an annual trip in partnership with Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles’ TLV2LAX program. Website


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JQ International LGBT Birthright trip to Israel – Class of 2013