Jerusalem Pride will go forth next week

Despite recent violence, the Jerusalem March for Pride and Tolerance will finally be held next week : The Jerusalem Pride March was twice postponed the summer following the recent violence on the streets of Jerusalem and operation ‘Protective Edge’ in Gaza.

The March will be held on September 18th, starting at 5pm in Hapa’amon Park and finishing in Independence Park.

The pride march will be produced by the ‘Jerusalem Open House for Pride and Tolerance’ (JOH).

After all but a few Pride events were canceled in Israel this summer, the LGBTQ community in Jerusalem decided to go ahead with their original plans to hold the event with a message of hope and tolerance for the troubled city.

In July, The name of the JOH was caught-up in the investigation of the racist murder of 16 year old, Muhammad Abu Khdeir, following a forged statement exploiting the JOH to claim that Abu Khadeir was gay and murdered in an honor killing.

Elinor Sidi, Executive Director of the JOH: “The LGBTQ community in Jerusalem is an integral part of the city. Our decision to postpone the Jerusalem Pride March was made with a heavy heart and in deep solidarity with the social fabric of Jerusalem. Following our turbulent summer, fall is beginning to show its signs, and with it we begin the long and complex process of healing for community. Pride is about creating a city all Jerusalemites can feel at home in and we hope that all people; Gay or Straight, Left or Right, Jewish, Muslim or Christian, will be there and take this stand with us.”