Jerusalem Pride Parade Postponed

In view of the security situation in Israel and the conflict with Hamas, Jerusalem Open House announced that the Pride Parade in the city is postponed. After a heated discussion took place last Sunday,which featured various opinions about the decision, it was finally decided to move the parade to August 14.

050The Open House issued a statement that reads “The LGBT community is a part of this city, a part of its organic texture, and is not capable of disconnecting from it. In recent weeks we have seen the violence that has spread throughout the city and I’m proud of all our members who took an active role in opposing it. Members of a community have shielded young Israeli Arabs with their bodies against lynchings, demonstrated against racism and against violence and sent out a clear message that homophobia and racism are symptoms of the same disease. Jerusalem played a role in the current round of violence and therefore its recovery will be the most important of all. I’m proud of the activists and the parade committee that participated in the healing process and chose to postpone the parade. ”

“Jerusalem will face many more difficulties on its way back to sanity: lawless, violent gangs of hooligans, homophobia, racism and sadistic murder. The Pride parade this year will constitute an important and critical part in the city’s recovery, and on ours as well.”

The Pride and Tolerance Parade in Jerusalem will be held on Thursday, August 14, 2014. It will open with the conference at 17:00 at Liberty Bell Park and then march through the streets of Keren Hayesod, King George and Agron to the final rally at Independence Park.