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The 2017 Jerusalem Pride Parade Date Announced

Date of the 2017 Jerusalem Pride March was announced: August 3rd.

In a creative video on social media, youth group of Jerusalem Open House announced the date of the Jerusalem March for Pride and Tolerance.

The video also calls members of the community in Jerusalem to take part in the gathering of the Pride March committee on May 15, where people can influence on decisions regarding the parade and choose the parade’s theme.

“There is a national process [of choosing the parade theme] for the last three years, but still it is up to local communities that decide if to adopt it,” explains Tom Canning, Associate Director of the Jerusalem Open House. “In Jerusalem, it is to the local community to decide what topic they wish to focus on. The Pride committee is open to everyone, but is mainly made-up of local activist and volunteer from JOH. They go on to make all the major decisions regarding the event and its actual production. In 2015 they decided​ to go with the national theme of the transgender community. But last year decided to commemorate Shira Banki z”l, which was different than the national theme.”

Topics are still being brought forth, but Bisexual visibility, religious communities, LGBTQ seniors and the 20 year anniversary of JOH will most likely be popular themes.

The Jerusalem Pride March will take place August 3rd, 2017.