Jerusalem Open House US Tour

A Wider Bridge invites you to an evening with LGBT activists from the Jerusalem Open House, the flagship LGBT organization in Jerusalem, and the organizers of the Jerusalem March for Pride and Tolerance – the site of tragic stabbings last summer.



Sarah Kala-Meir and Tom Canning, leaders of Jerusalem Open House, discuss the important work of the organization, creating a more inclusive environment for LGBTQ people in Jerusalem, and share the progress and struggles of the community since the tragic loss at Jerusalem Pride this past summer.

January 22: Chicago Beyond the Bridge Chicago Cocktail Reception at Creating Change Conference, 8:30pm. The Hilton Chicago Hotel – 720 S Michigan Avenue, Continental “Room C” event details

January 24: Los Angeles Private party, join us at the home of A Wider Bridge Board member Bruce Maxwell, 6pm. event details

January 28: San Francisco private party, join us at the home of Michael Belkin (address upon RSVP), at 6:30pm. event details

January 31: Miami A Wider Bridge Miami Launch Party in South Beach (at the home of Sam Picciotto), 6pm. event details

The Jerusalem Open House for Pride and Tolerance (JOH) Organizes the Jerusalem March for Pride and Tolerance, the largest human rights demonstration in the city. It also provides numerous support services and social groups for LGBT youth, as well as a place where all LGBT Jerusalemites – including Orthodox Jews, Arabs, and transgender individuals – can go for support, services, and to just be fully themselves, which they often cannot be anywhere else. As the only LGBT health resource in Jerusalem, JOH also provides the only free, anonymous, rapid-result HIV/AIDS testing service in the city. read more