Jerusalem is proud to present

JerusalemIsProudToPresent-PosterDirector: Nitzan Giladi
Genre: Documentary
Language: Hebrew, English, Arabic
Runtime: 82min


The international World Pride event, planned for Jerusalem in 2006, is disrupted by orthodox Jews, evangelical Christians, and conservative Muslims, who are united by their dislike of LGBT events in the city they consider holy. The film  follows the lives of members of the Open House, Jerusalem’s LGBT community center, who are planning the events, the threats they and their families receive, and who  refuse to back down. The poster of the documentary features a young Israeli man who vows to lead the parade despite having been stabbed by a fanatic at a previous parade.  Watch the trailer below:



Best Documentary Award- Banff International Film Festival 2008
Best Documentary at Outfest
CMCA Mediterranean Challenges Grand Prize
Audience Award and Honorable Mention at Seattle LGBT Film Festival
The Hugo Television Award at the Chicago International Film Festival 2008
‘Movies That Matter’ Human Rights Award – IDFA 2007


“Jerusalem is Proud to Present [screening] (A Wider Bridge / March 27, 2013)
‘Jerusalem is proud to present’ wins another international award (Ynet News / June 22, 2008)

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