Jay Michaelson to speak in Miami synagogue this Sunday

On Sunday, Temple Israel will host a public discussion, “What Is Spiritual Health?’, featuring journalist Jay Michaelson, who covers spirituality and LGBT issues for The Daily Beast and the Forward newspaper and website.

Jay“There are one million new meditators in the U.S.,” says Michaelson, basing his estimate on data from the healthcare industry, schools and the military. “This kind of thing, meditation and spirituality, used to be seen for the weirdos. Now it’s very much in the mainstream.”

Michaelson, who has a doctorate in Jewish thought from Hebrew University and a law degree from Yale, says his Temple Israel discussion is for everyone, not just LGBT Jews.“The event Sunday is for folks who are post religious, anti religious or religious,” he said. “The way I speak and talk about these subjects, I bring my whole self. Being LGBT is part of that, but it’s not focused on that.” Michaelson also will participate in Friday night and Saturday morning services at Temple Israel.