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Ivri Lider: Gay Exclusion in Surrogacy Law “infuriating and insulting”

Singer Ivri Lider said Monday that the amendment to the Surrogacy Law that passed second and third readings by the Labor, Welfare and Health Committee “creates a sense of second-class citizenship.” In an interview with Israeli Radio, Lider called the amendment, which would not allow same-sex couples to have children in a surrogacy procedure in Israel, “very infuriating and insulting.”

“The idea that someone else is explaining to you that you don’t have the same rights and you don’t get to have what other people are having, but on the other hand you must give what other people are giving, is a problematic principle that opens up a pretty scary door for many other things,” Lider said.

Lider, who came out of the closet over a decade ago, said that [having kids] is something that is becoming more relevant in his personal life. “When you start separating between those who can and can not do it, it becomes a problem. I pay taxes like everyone else. The country frequently invites me to lectures and perform in the United States. With love and faith I describe our beautiful country as this special and liberal place in the region and this is something I believe in. Something I think is really part of our strength. The question is what kind of country do we want to be?”

Lider asked us to remain optimistic and said that he thinks that in future interviews around the world he will continue to talk about Israel positively in this context, but added that the surrogacy amendment is a spoke in the wheels, as he put it.

The Labor, Welfare and Health Committee approved Monday a draft surrogacy bill that was approved last week, with a majority of eight MKs to four. According to the amendment, the number of women eligible for surrogacy in Israel will be extended to women without a spouse who suffer from a medical problem that prevents them from bearing a pregnancy. The proposal excludes same-sex couples.

There will be a protest in Tel Aviv this upcoming Saturday, July 14th, calling for the surrogacy laws to include same sex families.