It’s Time To Dispose Insidious Pinkwashing Theory

Blogger Mirabelle says that Israel-haters are ready to believe, and to ask others to believe, any claim that shows Israeli Jews to be despicable creatures, evidence be damned.

The pseudo-academic theory of “pinkwashing” seems to have played a large role in what happened at Creating Change. Indeed, photos from the event showed protesters carrying placards demanding an end to it. It seems worthwhile, therefore, to take an in-depth look at this theory and its origin.

The theory was popularized by Sarah Schulman. Schulman is a professor at The College of Staten Island, a school with a 2014 applicant acceptance rate of 100% and a six-year graduation rate of 47%. Her biography on CSI’s website indicates that she holds only a Bachelor’s degree from Empire State College. Despite Schulman’s lack of academic credentials, she was afforded a platform in the New York Times to disseminate the idea that pinkwashing is “a deliberate strategy [by Israel] to conceal the continuing violations of Palestinians’ human rights behind an image of modernity signified by Israeli gay life.”

It wasn’t Schulman, however, who first dreamed up this bizarre charge. According to James Kirchick, writing in Tablet, the “pinkwashing” theory was invented by none other than Jasbir Puar, who has now come under fire for propagating a modern blood libel at Vassar College.

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