Israeli Trans Woman Commits Suicide

Victoria Alexandrina (Kagan), a trans immigrant to Israel who was about to celebrate her 41st birthday this week, took her on life on Friday. 


So far, information on any family she may have in Israel is unavailable and Victoria’s friends in the transgender community have expressed a desire not to reveal information on her background. They have expressed a hope that the sad circumstances of her death pass quietly and with respect. Some of them have switched their profile pictures to Victoria’s image over the transgender flag, with a black stripe through as a sign of mourning.

One of her friends posted on her Facebook page, “In memoriam to all the trans women who’ve been murdered and committed suicide (which is also a form of murder) from our community each year. For every one of us who tried or considered taking her on life. Blessed be her memory.”

“I sit in front of your pictures and imagine how in a parallel world I would have hugged you and said ‘why did you do this? why did you leave? you are such a good person,” mourned Daniel Brosh, a leading trans activist. 

“I know why you did it,” Daniel continued, “we live in a rotten reality. A reality where it’s not enough that you are excluded because you weren’t born here. You are being excluded not only because you are a woman, but because you are a trans woman. And I’m so sad to think that people see it as a cross to bear, as suffering. Why? Why can’t this definition be just like the definition of color of one’s hair or the size of one’s shoes?”

On Monday, September 7, the trans community gathered at the LGBT center in Tel Aviv to share memories about Victoria, and describe, in their own words, how strong and kind she was.