Israeli LGBT Orgs Seek Voluneteers

On Sunday, September 15, Israel’s LGBT Task Force will hold a special evening in Tel Aviv, which calls women and transgender men to become more involved in the community.

MichalSher180x200“An evening to raise awareness for volunteering of lesbian, bisexual, and transgenders” will be held at the Pride center in Gan Meir. During the event there will be a panel of representatives from all the organizations in the community in which you can volunteer, such as IGY, Hoshen , Beit Dror and Bar Noar,  in order to increase participation, representation, presence and leadership in these parts of the community that are lacking representation in the leadership of the LGBT community in Israel.

Michal Sher , member of the Executive Committee of the LGBT Task Force and the organizer of the event , addressed the contribution of volunteering to the volunteers themselves as well as to the community. “Over the past year and since the last evening for women volunteers I have seen so many changes in organizations and in how much the new female volunteers have contributed to each organization – I’m proud to be part of this change – even I as a member of the Executive Committee but mostly as a volunteer at There’s Someone to Talk to. I can’t begin to describe how much volunteering has helped me and made ​​me become more involved in the community and determine my future ,” Sher told Mako.

The integration of women in community action has been fully on the rise in the past year. At the elections for the Executive Committee that were held at the LGBT Task Force just a few weeks ago, an equal representation of women were elected to the board. In addition to Sher, other women in the committee are Chen Arieli and Anat Solomon.